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Get free shipping for orders over $100

About Us

In 1973, Aref Saad immigrated to the United States from Lebanon and faced initial struggles. After working in a factory to support his family, Saad recognized the demand for quality halal meat in an area with a growing Muslim population. In 1976, he established Saad Wholesale Meats in Detroit's Eastern Market, starting his own butcher shop. Through hard work and loyal customers, the business grew rapidly, leading Saad to purchase additional land for expansion.

Today, Saad Wholesale Meats is a family-run business, with Saad's younger son serving as Vice President and his daughters also employed there. It has become the largest halal meat provider in the Midwest, serving not only Michigan but also customers from neighboring states.

In response to his children's requests to have similar food to their friends, Saad created Sharifa Halal. It began with beef bologna but expanded to include a variety of lunch meats, hot dogs, salami, chicken patties, and more. The Sharifa Halal line has gained popularity and can be found at Saad Wholesale Meats and various grocery stores in metro Detroit.

Sharifa was the first halal lunchmeat line in the country, and the company continues to adapt its products based on customer demand. They are also expanding their distribution network to reach customers nationwide.